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Welcome to Kinfolks BBQ in Fort Walton Beach, FL.  The reason we call our place Kinfolks is simple; We are just an old bunch of Kinfolks.  Now we don't claim to have the best Bar B Q, as Paw would say, "That's being pigheaded."  Paw also said, "He just ain't found nun better."  Now folks, all our sauce is homemade, and we hope you will take a liking to it.  Now read on a little and we will explain how we serve our BBQ on a sandwich and plate.  Our sliced Pork and Beef are always cut two ways.  We slice it whole for a sandwich and kinda cube it for you on a plate.  This way you can eat it faster...saves a knife too!  Our Chipped Pork is chopped up and cooked in our delicious sauce.  This takes less chewing and you can eat it faster than our sliced Pork. 


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